Its About Courage



Welcome to Bristol Wellbeing College’s It’s About You blog. In January 2018, we ran the first Telling Your Story course for those wishing to explore their lives and identities beyond diagnosis and discover their inner author; the poignancy and quality of their work became the inspiration for this blog. Here, we share the best of the College and its courses, with poetry, prose, images and small pearls of wisdom contributed by learners, volunteers and staff members.

It takes courage to share a story, but the rewards are plentiful. We want this blog to continue as a platform where experiences can be freely shared and creativity celebrated. Whether it’s about recovery, experience, memory or hope, ultimately, it’s about you.

Have a browse. Get involved. Get inspired.

If you would like to contribute, please email your piece to

Established in 2016 as part of Second Step mental health charity, the Bristol Wellbeing College has delivered hundreds of courses on improving and sustaining mental and emotional wellbeing to those in recovery from mental illness and carers of people in mental health crisis. Over 1000 learners have accessed the College, along with dozens of dedicated volunteers, bringing with them their skills, humour and life experience.

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